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Made from 100% recycled wax.

Large Red Christmas Tree Set

Large Red Christmas Tree Set

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The larger version of our red Christmas Tree candles will sit by and not lend a hand at all while the tinsel gets tangled up.

Fragrance Pyramid


Size & Burn Time

Size - 160mm x 70mmØ
Burn Time - 5 - 8 hours


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Festive favourites

Our Christmas Tree candles are true artisanal creations, each lovingly handcrafted in little silicone moulds. With a passion for candle making dating back to the age of 8, our head candlemaker and founder, Richard, infuses these candles with a lifetime of expertise and Christmas spirit.

Candle Care

Make sure to trim your wick before lighting the candle, burn the candle for a few hours each time to avoid tunnelling & keep the wax free of any other material that may catch fire.

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