Drop off your candles for recycling!

Drop off your candles for recycling!

We are thrilled that so many people over the years have responded so magnificently to our call out for spent candles and used wax. If you know our business, you know we reuse the wax to create beautiful new candles. Ultimately this saves around 40 tonnes of wax going into landfill every year. We really thank you for your support.

We have always been aware that there’s a cost to posting old wax to us. We’re still a small endeavour and don’t have the capacity to offer Freepost. We appreciate that you bear this cost, and we’re always keen to support ways of keeping this as low as possible.

For example, some people in the same area might post spent candles together and split the postage costs. If you’re keen, it may be worth doing a shout out on our Facebook page to see if there’s anyone local to you.

Our wonderful friends in York, St Nicks have a kerbside collection and were able to add waste from candles including wax, wax melts, tea lights and candle jars. This is something that other organisations might be able to look into.

Over the past months we’ve been busy putting together a map of recycling points around the country. We are adding to these all the time as we get new locations. You can see the current list here

Some are churches, others are zero waste refill shops, others are garden centres and community centres. We’re also thrilled that some stockists of our recycled candles are happy to add a recycling point. In Devon, we have an arrangement with the charity Hospiscare, who have recycling points at six of their charity shops as well as their Exeter based hospice.

Candle recycling point

Please check the list to see if there are specific drop off times. You may wish to call ahead to check - we wouldn’t want you to lug your bag of waste wax to a recycling point only to find it’s closed!

If you think you know of an organisation that would be keen to join the list, please approach them. If they’re interested they can get in touch with us via email: info@recycledcandles.co.uk

And if you are collecting larger quantities of wax, for example more than a carrier bag, please get in touch with us directly as we may be able to sort out collection.  

Thank you to everyone who collects spent candles and other wax for us. And thank you for joining us in the recycling effort!

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