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Made from 100% recycled wax.

Recycled Wax Melt Wax

Recycled Wax Melt Wax

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Unlock your candle crafting potential with our Recycled Candle Company Melt Wax. Formulated through eco-conscious practices, this top-tier wax enables you to create melted candles that radiate both your space and your commitment to sustainability. Discover our 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, and 20kg options and set free your inner candle connoisseur. Craft eco-friendly melted candles at home today.

Fragrance Pyramid

Unscented, ready for you to add your own personality to it!

Size & Burn Time

Can be made to any size wax melt, just make sure to test them!


We aim to get all orders shipped within 2-3 working days!

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Recycled Candle Magic

Our Recycled Wax isn't just wax; it's a reservoir of stories. Collected from hotels, churches, cathedrals, and the public, each batch is a blend of shared moments and memories. This eco-friendly wax may have witnessed a wedding, a birthday, or countless prayers. Now, it's your chance to craft your own stories with candles made from recycled moments.

Candle Care

Make sure to trim your wick before lighting the candle, burn the candle for a few hours each time to avoid tunnelling & keep the wax free of any other material that may catch fire.

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