Candles with a Conscience

At the Recycled Candle Company, we love candles. But what we’re really passionate about is making the best quality, luxury products that our customers love. Luxury products made the right way. That’s why our luxury, hand-poured candles are made entirely from recycled candle wax, saving 40 tonnes of wax from landfill every year.

While we manufacture candles for ourselves, we also work with brands and retailers to manufacture their own collections using our carefully recycled candle wax. This makes us a great fit as a manufacturing partner for those seeking to improve the environmental credentials of their own brand.

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40 Tons of Wax Saved From Landfill

30,000 candles made by hand each year


We take your scrap candle wax and recycle it into luxury new candles.

We take used candles, wax melts and other types of scrap wax. We can also take wax still in its container if that’s easier for you. With tea lights for example, we collect the aluminium and organise for that to be recycled too.

The wax is melted down, cleaned, dyed and scented at our workshop. We hand pour all our candles and then they’re ready to be given new life.

We work with hotels, restaurants, places of worship and other organisations across the UK who want to reduce their waste and see the many benefits in recycling scrap wax.

We’re always on the look-out for new candle recycling partners. So if you’d like to recycle your unwanted candles and improve your green credentials even more, please get in touch.