12 Egg-citing Things You Can Do With Eggs This Easter

12 Egg-citing Things You Can Do With Eggs This Easter

Happy Easter one and all! It’s time to bring out the egg puns (they always crack us up), toast a hot cross bun and cram as much chocolate into your mouth as is humanly possible. This time of year always brings us so much joy. The longer, warmer days… the life springing-up around you... the chocolate (oh, the chocolate)… 

Even if you don’t celebrate the religious side of the festival, Easter has always been a time to celebrate new life and the coming of spring. So to share a little of our Easter joy with you, and to celebrate the launch of our new Easter egg candles (they’re not chocolate, don’t eat them), we’ve whisked-up a list of surprisingly egg-cellent things that you can do with eggs this season - puns very much intended.

1. Make Dino Eggs

Yeah, hens’ eggs are fine, but have you ever eaten a DINOSAUR EGG? No, we haven’t either. But let’s suspend reality for a moment and just pretend. This DIY tutorial shows you how to make boiled eggs that look convincingly like dinosaur eggs - and it actually works, we’ve tried it! All you need is some hard boiled eggs and food colouring. A great way to add a little Jurassic twist to your Easter brunch (as you do).

Image Credit: www.redtri.com

2. Make Your Own Eggshell Chalk

Did you know that you can use egg shells to make pavement chalk? We’ve never tried it, but it sounds fun! Here’s a great step-by-step recipe

3. Plan an Easter Egg Hunt With A Daring Twist

Easter egg hunts are really lovely aren’t they? An innocent little activity to keep the kids happy over the holidays.... Unless, of course, you want to spice it up with a game of truth or dare. Use a sharpie to write dares and truth questions on your eggs to add a bit more drama to your traditional Easter activities.

4. Prank Your Nearest and Dearest

If you haven’t seen the TikTok of Tilley Ramsay pranking her dad, Gordon Ramsay it’s worth a watch. Whilst pretending to perform a trick using a bottle of water and an egg, Tilley gives her dad a faceful of water and splats an egg on his head. Nothing like a good old yolk [joke] to crack-off the Easter celebrations.


I’m still running far far away.... ##ohno ##fyp @gordonramsayofficial

♬ Oh No - Kreepa

Who will you be trying this prank on first?

5. Make a bouncy egg

Turn a raw egg into a bouncy ball by submerging it in a glass of vinegar for 2-3 days. After day 3 it starts to turn translucent and you can gently rub the white film off the egg of the egg. Lift the egg a couple of inches into the air, let go and watch it bounce. You might want to do it over a plate in case it splats!

6. Dye Your Eggs

No, this isn’t Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest health craze. It is of course, the age-old tradition of dyeing hard boiled eggs as part of the Easter celebrations. All you need to do is boil half a cup of water with a teaspoon of white vinegar and about 20 drops of food dye in your chosen colour. Immerse the egg in the water for about 5 mins then pop it on a draining rack and refrigerate once dry. Beautiful Easter decorations that are to dye for (sorry).

7. Paint Funny Egg Decorations

Along the same lines, we always love painting designs onto eggs over Easter. Absolutely loving quirky designs like these cute little cactus eggs!


8. Get Rid of Garden Pests

On a more practical, less decorative note, eggshells are a brilliant form of natural pest control to use in the garden. Sprinkle them in your flower beds to deter slugs and snails. They’re not keen on slithering over the sharp shells. 

9. Clean Your Whites

This isn’t an April Fool’s Joke, don’t worry that’s been and gone. Eggshells can actually be used to make your laundry whiter! Just pop them in a mesh bag with a couple of slices of lemon, and stick them in your washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

10. Bake a Cake

These little cakes baked in eggshells make an adorable Easter treat. I mean who wouldn’t be delighted to crack open an egg and discover a surprise chocolate cake!? 

Image credit: sortedfood.com

11. Plant Seeds

No need to buy ugly plastic seed trays - eggshells make eggcellent little natural plant pots for seedlings. Wash them out, prick a little drainage hole in the bottom, and fill with soil. Once you’ve planted your seeds you can use a sharpie to label the eggshells. And when the seedlings are big enough to plant out, just crush the eggshell slightly to allow the roots to spread and plant it straight into the ground.

12. Easter Egg Candle Decorations

Painted egg shells can make cute little tea light holders. But if you want to be really classy, buy a box of our easter egg candles. Each comes with 2 pink, 2 blue, and 2 yellow egg-shaped candles in a little egg box - the cutest little Easter decorations you ever did see!

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