Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

We are obsessed with two things at Recycled Candles HQ: candles (obvs) and the environment!

We make all of our candles from 100% recycled wax, which saves 40 TONNES of wax from landfill every year. And it's not just the wax, our fragrances are all sustainably and responsibly sourced, and even our wicks are eco-friendly.

If there's one thing we have all learned in the past couple years it's that we work better TOGETHER, and so we partner with other local businesses to help them reduce their candle waste. Think restaurants, pubs, even churches - we pick up bags of spent candle wax from them to give them a new life - and save them from wasteful, environmentally destructive landfill sites.

Systemic change needs to come from the top (looking at you Boris), but as business owners we have a massive responsibility to work with respect and care for the environment.

Let's all do our part.

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