How To Recycle Your Candles

How To Recycle Your Candles

Many of you lovely people are asking how to recycle your candles. Just about every day we hear from people telling us they’ve saved up lots of scrapped wax for us to recycle. You are all wonderful!

If you’re from a business or church group, with higher quantities of waste, please contact us to discuss if we can organize a regular collection. For smaller quantities and one-off donations, here are the current ways you can get the wax to us.

How To Recycle Your Candles

At drop-off points

Bath Abbey is kindly donating its own remnants of candles and also has a recycling bin in the welcome area. If you’re paying a visit, remember to bring your old candles!

Elsewhere, other lovely people have set up their own collection points in villages and towns around the country - so keep an eye open for these.  

By post

If you’re sending your donations by post, we’re aware this can be costly. We recommend either staying inside the parameters of a small parcel by Royal Mail, which has dimensions of 45cm x 35cm x 16cm and weighing under 2KG. the small parcel is far cheaper to post than a medium parcel.

For larger quantities please use courier price comparison websites such as Parcel Monkey, which is a price comparison website. The Royal Mail is now also providing a collection from home collection service. We just did a test and the collection was 72p on top of the parcel price.

Post your scrap wax to:

The Recycled Candle Company 

Unit 9

Moorland Gate Business Park

Cowling Road



What you can donate

Your donations can be any type of old candles; any colour, scent, size and in all types of container including glass. Remember, we’ll take the aluminium sustainers from tealights, and these will be recycled too.

Thank you so much for looking at how to recycle your candles. Together we can reduce the millions of candles that go to landfill every year.

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