The timeless elegance of gold

The timeless elegance of gold

As a precious metal, gold has long represented wealth, power and luxury. But while we’ve got nothing against a little luxury, more in keeping with the ethos of The Recycled Candle Company, gold is also a symbol of warmth, evoking feelings of coziness, comfort and welcome - rather like a candle! It is sometimes associated with qualities like friendship, loyalty, and affection, signifying the deep bond between friends and loved ones, something that is very important to us.


Golden fashion

It’s a fashion staple, from gold-threaded fabrics to opulent accessories. Think Marilyn Monroe’s gold lamé dress in the film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"; Elvis’s gold suit worn in Jailhouse Rock; Beyoncé’s jaw-dropping gold dress by Versace at the 2007 BET Awards. And what about the iconic gold robot from Star Wars, CP30? Gold is unforgettable!

 Golden artefacts

But then, what could be more gold than the Golden Mask of Tutankhamun, an intricately crafted gold mask is considered one of the most iconic archaeological finds in history. If you haven’t seen it, get over to the Egyptian museum in Cairo as soon as you can! Or maybe go in search of El Dorado, The El   to the fabled kingdom of gold that early explorers sought in South America which remains a mythical and elusive treasure.

Golden artefactGolden artefact

Golden culture

Gold is important to many different cultures. In Indian weddings, it’s a central element of the event. The bride traditionally receives gold jewellery as part of her dowry, and it is considered a symbol of prosperity and security. The bride and groom also exchange gold jewellery as a sign of commitment between the bride and groom. In some Buddhist traditions, gold is used in religious ceremonies and offerings. It symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and the spiritual wealth that comes from following the path of Buddha.

Golden music

Music loves gold too, from "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young, his metaphor for finding true love and sincerity to "Goldfinger" belted out by Shirley Bassey, definitely one about greed and menace. Gregory Porter sings about the way gold brings the love out in you in “Everything you Touch is not Gold”. And who could forget the dulcet tones of Tony Hadley in the Spandau Ballet classic, “Gold”? Or the gorgeous Harry Style’s ‘Golden’. Scrumptious.

Golden music

Golden candles

Okay, so gold is everywhere! And now, it’s here with us at The Recycled Candle Company. No, we haven’t found El Dorado or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - but we have been busy making two ranges featuring glorious gold lacquer.

The first is our Nordic & Spruce candle, its fragrance conjuring up childhood memories of Christmas. A green pillar candle with that all important golden base, perfect to get you into the spirit of the season. The fragrance is a refined blend of clove, cardamom and eucalyptus, pine and oakmoss, and camphor, cedarwood and amber. Made with 100% recycled wax and dyed with ethically sourced green dye then dipped in a candle-safe gold lacquer.

Green and gold Nordic Spruce recycled candle

The second is HUGELY gold – because its our very first giant gold Christmas tree! Perfect as a centrepiece for your Christmas table, on your mantlepiece or in a window to wow your neighbours. This is deliberately unscented so it doesn’t overcome your Christmas meals. It’s 27.5cm tall and 11.5cm round the base. With a long burn time of 30 to 50 hours this glorious golden candle gives you a real sense of Christmas luxury – at no cost to the planet. 

Giant golden Christmas tree candle
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