8 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's At Home - Let's Make Lockdown Sexy!

8 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's At Home - Let's Make Lockdown Sexy!

Celebrating Valentine’s at home this year? Lockdown will be making lovers’ day a little different from the norm. But that's not going to stop us feeling romantic! We've put our heads together to bring you Valentine’s lockdown ideas to mark the occasion and make the fourteenth feel as special as ever.

8 Stay At Home Valentine's Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a chance to step away from the everyday. Sentimental, sexy or sweet, this night is all about you two.

1. Start as you mean to go on

Why wait till evening for the fun to begin? Start Valentines early by surprising you partner with breakfast in bed. Whether your talents stretch to heart-shaped pancakes or simply jam on toast, breakfast in bed is always a treat. And since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, you will have no reason to get out of bed anytime soon.

2. Set the mood with a sexy atmosphere

Ambience is key for romance, and spicing things up in the bedroom. Satisfy all the senses - romantic music, soft lighting, delicious food, gorgeous fragrances and a warm, comfortable place to snuggle.

Our limited edition Valentine's heart candles are perfect for setting the tone. Soak-up the romantic vibes with juicy top notes of raspberry and peach, and heady bottom notes of Oud, Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli. Or choose a heart candle in any of our other gorgeous fragrances.

valentines heart candles

3. Go old fashioned with a love letter

So you see them every day. But that doesn’t mean you get a chance to tell them how you really feel.

Love letters are a perfect chance to get mushy and meaningful - or downright dirty if you want to add a sexy twist. Sometimes writing down your feelings can be easier than saying them aloud. And the letter will be a memento they can keep and read again in years to come.

4. Have a bake off

The best Valentines lockdown ideas revolve around food and what better than celebrating with dessert? Get messy in the kitchen, perhaps get a little competitive and then enjoy the fruits of your labours at leisure. There’s no such thing as too much sugar on Valentine’s Day, right?

5. Create your own Home Spa

If you're missing the spa, create your own home spa experience. Arrange a pamper evening together with everything from face-masks to skincare kits. Use the evening as a chance to unwind and de-stress together. Buy some fancy bubble bath for a hot soak, and of course, don’t forget the candles!

6. Camp out in the lounge

Shake things up by moving for the night. Set up a pop-up beach tent or just drape some sheets and bunting from the ceiling of your lounge to create a camping scene. Bring your duvet and pillows downstairs and create a cosy love den. Light some candles, drink hot chocolate, share campfire stories and giggle the evening away. 

valentines at home couple with candles

7. Pick a theme for the evening

If you are missing the chance to jet-off somewhere warm and exotic, why not shape your night around a travel theme.

Choose a favourite holiday destination and design the menu, music and the wine or cocktails around your country of choice. A Parisian cheese and wine night, Spanish tapas and mojitos, or an Italian pizza feast – the list goes on. 

Decorate the room to complete the theme – a little effort can go a long way to making it a memorable night.

8. Virtual Valentine’s date ideas

Many couples this year are facing a virtual Valentine’s Day instead. Virtual Valentine’s Date ideas can certainly feel more challenging, but there's lots you can do to make it feel special.

Dressing up in something you feel gorgeous in will help get you in a romantic mood… and likely get your partner in the mood too. Likewise set up your surroundings to create the romantic atmosphere. A warm cosy room with flickering candles and relaxing scents will make the evening feel like a treat.

Why not order a gin or wine tasting kit to enjoy virtually, or both cook the same meal together over zoom – and judge whose final result looks best?! Alternatively you could both do a virtual escape room experience together, or perhaps get sexy with a strip poker evening.

Lockdown your Valentines ideas

However you like to spend the occasion, putting in some planning will help you escape from the pressures of life and make sure Valentines this year is a night you won’t forget. Lower the lights, turn up the music, and light some candles!

valentines heart candles

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