Wood Fire Scented Candles & Other Cosy Home Hacks for Winter

Wood Fire Scented Candles & Other Cosy Home Hacks for Winter

There are still some of us left who haven’t achieved the log-burner life-goal. And those of you who have will know that you can’t put a price on that glorious scent of wood smoke to make a winter evening feel cosier. Although, technically we have with our wood fire scented candles...

Making your home cosy is about more than just keeping the central heating on. It’s about the look, the feel, the smell of a room as you walk in. And it doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. There are lots of small changes you can make to transform your home.

So here are some home hacks that will help you achieve a cosy home environment for winter.

Buy a Wood Fire Scented Candle

Maybe we are biased. Just a bit. But in our view, nothing says cosy like candlelight. And a wood fire scented candle, can completely alter the atmosphere of the room.

Our Smoke candles smell like a roaring fire burning not plain dry wood, but resin-filled precious woods, filling the room with their smouldering, heady incense. Just as with a crackling fire, the wood fire scented candles create a dappled light affect as the flames flicker. And the smell of wood smoke will have you dreaming of bygone days of camp fires with friends and cosy Christmassy evenings at home.

And by opting to buy a smoke scented candle rather than go for a real fire you avoid filling the room with smoke, or having the embarrassment of struggling to light a fire (we’ve all been there, right?).

Add texture

When creating a warm and welcoming environment, texture is king. Hard, smooth surfaces are great in summer for keeping a space fresh and light. But as cold weather kicks in you will want to fill the space with softer, thicker textures.

Chunky knits, deep pile rugs and plush velvets soften the look of the room. And they are great for snuggling up on or sinking your feet into.

cosy home hacks - blankets and cushions on a sofa

 Picture credit: The British Blanket Company

Choose warm colours

The colour scheme is also a big factor in creating a cosy feel in your home. Choose warm, earthy colours like plummy reds, rusty oranges or soft beiges to bring those gorgeous warm tones into your living space.

The easiest way to change the colour scheme is to take advantage of accessories. Some cushions, throws, vases or ornaments can have a big impact on the colour palette, without the need to max out the credit card!


With more time spent indoors at this time of year, decluttering will make your space feel more restful and calming. Mess can be stressful. The Scandinavian notion of hygge is centred on creating cosy environments, and part of this philosophy is a more minimalist approach.

No one says it better than William Morris:  

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

cosy living room

Adjust the artwork

Whilst pictures of beaches and bright fields are lovely in the summer, in winter they may leave you pining after a warmer climate.

Replacing some of your pictures with seasonal artwork will have a big impact on a room and allows you to celebrate the season in style. Wintery woodlands, or prints with autumnal colours embrace the beauty of the colder months and are a great way of marking the changing of seasons as the year goes by.

Make bedtime cosy

Avoid the dread of those dark and cold evenings by making sure you have nailed the bedtime routine. Turn your bedroom into a warm haven by layering up the bed with extra throws and quilts and adding a draft excluder at the door to stop any cold drafts.

A hot soak is a great way to wind down and feel cosy at night, so set up your bathroom with candles and some great bath oils. Invest in some soft, fluffy footwear to pad around in. No one likes cold toes at night.


Just spending a little time and thought to tidying your space, buying a wood fire scented candle and other seasonal accessories will quickly transform your home. And hopefully it will transform your feelings about winter too. We hope you enjoy all the simple pleasures of the season by having a cosy home you love spending time in.


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