Recycle your old candles

If you're a business or individual who is passionate about recycling and you'd like to learn more then this is the section for you.

Recycling your wax with us is easy and helps you make the most of waste and avoid it making its way to a landfill, incurring large commercial waste collection costs.


If you're a business or organisation, please contact us by email to organise donations. We'll work closely with you in order to develop a collection system whether it be Collection, Drop off, One-off Pickups, or a regular Collection.


If you have some leftover candle wax that you'd like to recycle, we would absolutely love you to send it to us. Here's how.

Don't worry about emptying your scrap of debris like matches or tea light tins, our team will take care of all of that for you during the refining process, and of course, recycle as much waste where possible. 

Thank you,
Richard & Sargon

How to recycle your candles