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Made from 100% recycled wax.

Pride Heart Candle

Pride Heart Candle

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We're supporting our community and our planet this year with these fully recycled wax Pride candles. We're also giving 10% of the price to charity!

In the spirit of supporting our community we hope you understand that these products will not be included in any discounting or future sales. Thank you for your support!

Fragrance Pyramid


Size & Burn Time

Our heart candle in the iconic pride flag colours.

Each colour may burn a little differently, burn time of approximately 50-70 hours.



We aim to get the products sent out within 3 days of receiving the order. For more information please see our Delivery and Returns policy.

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Love in Every Color!

Our Pride Heart Candles are a vibrant celebration of love, unity, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Each heart is handcrafted in the six colors of the Pride flag, symbolizing inclusivity and acceptance. Illuminate your space with these candles and let their warm glow remind you to embrace love in all its beautiful shades.

Candle Care

Make sure to trim your wick before lighting the candle, burn the candle for a few hours each time to avoid tunnelling & keep the wax free of any other material that may catch fire.

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